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Metal Sourcing International: Port occupied by oil product tankers, chemical and gas LPG tanks. Shutterstock.

Metal Sourcing International


Your Global Commodity Integration Partner


Established in 2021, METAL SOURCING INTERNATIONAL, LLC (MSI) has emerged as a pivotal integrator, facilitating seamless transactions between buyers and sellers across a diverse array of commodities. Our expertise encompasses a wide spectrum of products, including Crude Oil, Fuels, Gold, Iron Ore, Copper Cathodes, Nano Copper Powder, Nickel Wire, Grains, Meats, and Oil, and World’s best fuel additives and lubricants, amongst other business endeavors. 

Strategic Access to Key Infrastructure


Our platform provides direct access to major ports such as Houston and Rotterdam and global refineries and mines, enabling swift and efficient transactions for the commodities and traders we represent.


Unwavering Commitment and Expertise


At Metal Sourcing International, our commitment to each project is absolute, and our advice is comprehensive, reflecting our dedication to delivering exceptional outcomes. Leveraging over 40 years of experience in the Oil and Gas Industry through our precursor companies Corinpet and ECS, we bring unparalleled expertise in drilling, production, tubular, gas, and equipment for shipping terminals, among other areas.


Notably, we are pioneers in Venezuela in handling very low-pressure gas and boast extensive experience in Latin America in this domain. Furthermore, our capabilities extend to the supply of compression equipment, treatment, sweetening, extraction of liquids, recovery of low-pressure gas, and the burning and handling surplus gas.


Partner with Metal Sourcing International for Seamless Commodity Transactions


Whether you are a buyer or seller of commodities, Metal Sourcing International stands ready to serve as your trusted integration partner, ensuring smooth, reliable, and efficient transactions across the global commodities market.

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Metal Sourcing International: mining drill machine
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